My Story

Little did I know... that when I received that Scentsy party invitation and decided to attend... I was on my way to changing my life forever. Rewind to Februrary 2010.... When I first joined Scentsy I did so purely because I loved the product and knew I'd be "money in the bank" ahead by selling it vs. just buying it. The thought crossed my mind as I was getting started, that I could make a little extra money with this. So, I did just that. Over the last 5+ years my family has endured chaos, adventure and joy.... My full-time, day job ended...more than once. My husband's full-time day job ended...more than once. We moved...more than once. And we added two sweet little girls to our family! We also became really clear about what we wanted out of lives. It became obvious to my husband and I that Scentsy was one of the stable things in our lives! The neat thing about this business is that I get what I put into it... I have proven it time and time again. Over the past 5+ years I have helped many people start their own businesses, I have earned a trip for my mother & I to Punta Cana and earned monthly paychecks that I determined the amount of! Sharing this business opportunity, helping people earn free product and bringing safe "smell-goods" into people's homes has me feeling energized! I've stretched myself as a consultant, improved my family's financial situation and simply became a better person. Truly, my life has been changed... And Scentsy has definately played a part in that! As life has continued, new experiences, challenges & adventures have filled it! Scentsy allows me to CHOOSE how I want to run my business and when. If this sounds appealing to you or maybe you are just curious... look me up. I'd be happy to answer questions or provide information to you. You can also check out the Join tab here on my website or contact me: Sarah Rach-Sovich at 320-493-5700 or I'd love to help you achieve your dreams! :)   <!--endbody-->